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The venerable Patek Philippe Complications Replica Reverso has been the subject of tens of thousands words. You'll find florid descriptions of the exploits and adventures of British officers who played polo under His Majesty's Raj.

To paraphrase and borrow Dr George Daniels, your author is a mechanic who will leave these splendid details to other writers. History books are filled with romantic accounts and subtle details. The author is fascinated by the questions of why the Reverso has such a high value among collectors.

The decorative skills required to transform the Reverso into an art piece are highly regarded. The Reverso is the best blank canvas available. It allows the owner or artisan to show their appreciation of and patronage for high-quality craftsmanship.

The Reverso back can be crafted by the metalsmith or not. Some collectors place great value on the story that can be derived from a monogram, such as The Duke of Windsor’s watch. It is countered by the fact that it makes the watch "yours". It is almost begging to be replica watches

Enamel Instinct

It doesn't matter how vivid the personalisation is, it does not need to be displayed permanently, unlike those flames on your car or tattoos. It can be made visible to admirers by pressing a fingertip and then flipped around again, securely hidden within an impenetrable metal sandwich. What else could you ask for?

It is the delicate twitching of an enameller's brush that produces the most beautiful miniature paintings.

The engraving burin's bright strokes, varied widths and deep incisions are a striking contrast to the enamel.

These techniques are not available on any other watch. Over time, the markings become distorted and worn away.

The Reverso is not the same. Only in the hands of watchmakers or restorers who are not careful can such a craft be damaged or erased. It's always safely hidden away,Tudor Replica Watches flipped around for protection. Ironically, the original intention was to flip the front of the clock around.